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Map of the Challange Route (London to New York)


The Atlantic Whale Challenge from London to New York, the ultimate adventure. This voyage would make a really big splash for a Company;

There's never been anything like this before!!

Moby From the air

The Whale Project could be taken on entirely by one large Company or several Companies could have an involvement in this unique and exciting project. Moby the Whale Boat is to be used for several exciting projects, the ultimate being a 3,500 mile voyage in the Whale from London to New York.

The Atlantic Whale Challenge will attract considerable international media attention. ITN and several newspapers are very keen to follow the story as they have done with all of Tom's previous Adventures. He is looking for commercial backing for this "one off event", the voyage will take place as soon as this has been secured but clearly he is flexible regarding, route and timings in order to fit in with any Company marketing strategies. If you would like to make a "Very Big Splash" for your next creative marketing campaign please contact us for further information.

The public affinity with Whales, The Image of Power and Strength - The Environmental support - these facts, allied to the extensive media interest offers a unique opportunity for the Company to promote a first advertising approach in this age of sameness. In all a spectacular opportunity for Corporate Brands to associate themselves with a media friendly project.

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